Ah, the web.

Although the golden era of block sites and self-hosted blogs is over, the web remains a timeless place of unique identities. Whether it’s a small personal blog or a large institution, web design plays a crucial role in presenting yourself in the digital landscape.

If you are need of a website, let’s work together.

A selection of sites I’ve done:



Upcoming (Summer 23)

ELEMENTS is a research cluster that brings together world-leading physicists. Taking a step into scientific excellence, the cluster shines with a redesigned online presence that emphasizes on their work areas, team and science communication.


Yearbook 2021

In 2022, Goethe University made significant strides in improving their digital presence. The release of their yearbook in both print and web format was a significant milestone, allowing readers to engage with the best of the year through both traditional reading and digital scrolling.

In Progress features six interdisciplinary research profiles that tackle the most pressing challenges of today.

As one of the biggest Universities in Germany, Goethe University displays thousands of articles and press concerning scientific breakthroughs, studies and events.

The Aktuelles site follows an easy to read visual, displaying articles and archives worth reading. Multiple layouts and magazines are featured in this website, making it a reliable source of information considering the latest news of the Goethe University.

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